Start at 9:00Am -1:00Pm and 1:30 Pm -4:30Pm.

Day 1: We will travel to the mountain by Visiting Khmu village people here are one of the minority of Laos After we reach the mountain and the jungle. Then it comes a steep trek to the mountain summit  ( no climbing  involved) the view here is stunning   and it is to see  big water fall  then we will descend to the stream  or water fall. After our shower the guide will prepare your BBQ on the stream banks. After lunch we will go to another mountain and then go inside the cave passing under the mountain and go outside the different way.  To V.L.T NATURAL TOUR  bamboo house on the bank of the Nam Song. Before it gets dark, you will be dropped on an isolated beach or river bank where your fire and sitting area has been prepared before you arrival. At his romantic location we will prepare BBQ for dinner with local made rice wine drunk though a bamboo strand -late, the sound of the river, the crackle of the fire and the stars in the sky.

Day 2: After breakfast we will Jump in our kayaks and head down the beautiful Nam Song –stopping at   the organic farm, where mulberry tea and variety of fruit wines a re produced. And then we will Kayaking down the river by winding rapids we will stop at two bars which has rope swing also the zip wire bar, where you can jump to the river. The None cave lies further down the stream. As one of the bigger cave in Vang Vieng is serves as a rescue shelter for the villagers during the second Indochina war. Today is home to a bat colony and the magic stone of the Vang Vieng. The tour end by Kayaking back to  Vang Vieng

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