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Zip-Lining at the Blue Lagoon              

Option 1:  Zip-Lining, Cave & Lagoon  Most exciting and adventure tour.  Please let us take you on our tour to the Blue Lagoon jungle fly adventure.  We are the best operator and longest with the best location for Zip-lining in Vang Vieng.  We start by Tuk Tuk and drive you on a stony road for 10 min to a Hmong village where you will see Hmong style and handicraft village.  Then we drive about 10 min to reach the Blue Lagoon, where you will Zip line.   Our guide will put on your Zip line equipment and give you Zip line safety instruction. We then walk up to the mountain about 5 min and visit the biggest cave in Vang Vieng, where you will see stalactite and stalagmite with the sleeping Buddha inside the cave.   After here we will start Zip line from the front of the cave. There are 12 platforms and the course is 1km long.  You will fly over the limestone mountains and the Blue Lagoon.  You will see the rice fields and local people working in the farm.   After Zip-lining, we still give you a time for swimming, jumping, rope-swing and relaxing at the Blue Lagoon.  We then drive you back to Vang Vieng.

Option 2:  Zip-Lining – Kayaking  For those who wish to see more views and scenery with long river.  After Zip-lining   we take kayaking  to Vang Vieng .  Along the way you will see local people fishing and working in their farm.  (Kayaking for 2 hours) DSC01812 DSC01800

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  1. Phone Myat ko said,

    on June 6th, 2017 at 3:21 am

    Hi, We are planning to Vang Vieng on 23June2017 for 3days trip. We like to enquiry about zip lining and water caving. Appreciate on your response. Thanks.

  2. vone said,

    on June 6th, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    Hello Sir
    Thank you very much for your Email
    Zip-lining and water cave price $25/person
    Thanks and Best regards

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