Cycling and Kayaking

You’ll be cycling through the lush, green countryside of Vietnam in our tour of the country.

You’ll start your tour by cycling to the markets, where you’ll find fresh produce and handicrafts. Then you’ll cycle to Mhong village, where you can visit with the local people and observe their customs, skills, and culture.

The Mhong Village is located in the Han river delta region of Vietnam. It is a remote area and has been so for centuries. The village is home to around 400 people, who are primarily engaged in farming and fishing.

The village was once a prosperous area with a lot of rice paddies and livestock. However, due to climate change and environmental degradation, the area has been struggling to grow enough rice for the villagers as well as other crops. The villagers have been forced to migrate to other areas in order to find work in order to support themselves and their families.

Despite this, the villagers continue to live a simple life that is largely untouched by the modern world. They still live in houses on stilts, with no running water or electricity.

After that you’ll go on to limestone caves for swimming in refreshingly cool waters and exploring them on tubes with a torch for the adventurous.

Next comes a barbecue lunch and fresh fruits served on the banks of the river with a majestic mountain backdrop and tropical forests. Your English-speaking guide will give you some basic instructions before we go kayaking down the river through winding rapids—only small ones for young children or great fun for all ages! And then we reach bars where we can enjoy a cool drink or play on rope swings—splashing into the river from a great height (fantastic fun). There’s also water slide