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This is a tour to 4 caves and 2 ethnic villages. This one day trip will take you up the mountainside where you’ll see breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle and lush valley. From here we’ll take you to the Hmong village, where these former hill tribe people now live. From here we’ll trek up the mountain to a cave. This is where your English-speaking guide will explain to you the different Laos cultures, after which we trek through two other caves with beautiful formations before heading back down to Vang Vieng. At this point you can choose how you wish to return back: by tuk-tuk or motorbike – depending on availability at the time of booking.

There are three ways to go back:

  1. By VL truck
  2. By kayaking with jumping ,swimming , rope-swinging
  3. By tubing with jumping ,swimming , rope-swinging

Walking and Visiting the Beautiful Parts

This tour combines the activities that Vang Vieng is famous for—traveling to the mountain, visiting a hill tribe village and exploring limestone caves. We start your tour by traveling to the Mountain, where you will learn about its history and culture from our English-speaking guide. After this we walk to the rice fields and see farmers cultivating green spaces and gardens. You will have a very beautiful mountain and river here, from which you can get perfect photos. Then we go to Lao village adjacent to cave where you can see formations resembling an Elephant along with ancient Buddha statues.If you feel hot during this time you swim at the lagoon and relax with us.

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