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This tour starts at 9am.

Kayaking is a fun and exciting water sport that involves using a kayak, which is a narrow, pointed boat, to paddle through the water. Kayaking can be done on a variety of water bodies, including oceans, rivers, and lakes. It is a great way to explore the outdoors, get some exercise, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

This one day kayaking adventure combines all the activities that Vang Vieng is famous for, including paddling down the stream and river, see rural scenery and its famous limestone formations. The tour starts with navigating wild rapids and extends into a longer exploration of the river- for a total distance of about 40km.

To start kayaking, you will need a kayak, a paddle, and a personal flotation device (PFD). You may also want to bring along a dry bag to keep your belongings dry, as well as a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock to protect yourself from the sun.

Kayaking can be a physically demanding activity, so it is important to stay properly hydrated and take breaks as needed. It is also important to follow all safety guidelines and to never kayak alone. With a little practice and patience, you’ll be kayaking like a pro in no time!

There will be a guided tour of the village with an experienced English-speaking guide, who will educate you about the natural surroundings and detail the activities of local people and their folklore. A highlight of the tour is the specially prepared BBQ lunch with traditional Lao food.

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