Kong Lor Cave Tour

The Kong Lor Cave Tour in Vang Vieng is an exhilarating and unforgettable experience that allows you to explore one of Laos’ most spectacular natural wonders. Located in the heart of the stunning Phu Hin Bun National Park, this cave tour offers a unique and adventurous journey into a subterranean world of awe-inspiring beauty.

The Kong Lor Cave is situated in the Khammouane Province, and the best place to start your tour is the small village of Ban Kong Lor, which is a short distance from the cave’s entrance. Most tours depart from the nearby town of Thakhek or Vang Vieng, and you can reach Ban Kong Lor by road.

Exploring the Enchanting Kong Lor Cave: A Journey of Wonders

The Kong Lor Cave Tour offers a captivating blend of adventure and natural beauty. The highlight of the tour is the exploration of the Kong Lor Cave, a sprawling limestone karst cave stretching approximately 7.5 kilometers. You’ll board a long-tail boat, expertly navigated by local guides, and glide through an underground river. Inside the cave, the mesmerizing sight of stalactites and stalagmites forms a surreal and enchanting world. As we venture deeper into the cave, the passages narrow, adding to the thrill. Upon exiting the cave, a breathtaking valley surrounded by karst formations and lush greenery unfolds before you, creating a stunning contrast between the dark cavern and the serene landscape outside.

We offer comprehensive packages that encompass transport to and from Vang Vieng, expert local guides with in-depth knowledge of the cave’s history and geology, and all the necessary equipment for a secure and enjoyable adventure. Tourists booking with Vang Vieng Tours can expect a well-organized and informative adventure, prioritizing safety and satisfaction.

Things to Bring and Prepare

When embarking on the Kong Lor Cave Tour, it’s essential to prepare adequately. Bring comfortable clothing suitable for the weather, as the cave can be cool and damp. Sturdy footwear with good grip is advisable for walking around the cave and the surrounding area.

Don’t forget a camera or smartphone to capture the mesmerizing scenery. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat are also recommended for the outdoor part of the tour. It’s advisable to carry some cash for potential expenses along the way.

Finally, bring a sense of adventure and wonder to fully embrace this unique experience.

The Kong Lor Cave Tour in Vang Vieng promises an extraordinary adventure that combines the awe-inspiring beauty of the cave’s interior with the breathtaking landscapes outside. With the right tour operator and preparation, you can fully immerse yourself in this enchanting subterranean world and create cherished memories.

Remember to check the weather and tour availability, and keep in mind that the dry season is the ideal time for this incredible journey.


Day1:Your H/T or G/H – Ban Nahin

From Your HT or GH, we drive by private van, truck (different price) to Ban Na Hin. From there, we start trekking through old growth forest to get our destination: the Waterfall. We enjoy a picnic lunch and rest at the base of Nam sa nam and That Mouang Waterfall.

The Mouang waterfall is located in the province of Phongsali, Laos. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and a must-see for those who visit Laos.

The waterfall is about 2 hours from Luang Prabang and it’s accessible by foot or by motorbike. The hike to the falls is not challenging but it can be slippery so it’s recommended to wear appropriate footwear.

Relax, swim, and enjoy sightseeing around the falls. Late afternoon, we return to Na Hin for the night approximately: 4 hours transfer/ 2 hours trekking /3 hours water fall and Lunch

Day 2: Na Him – Ban Konglor – Ban Natan

You can take private transport to Kong Lor village. Walk to the cave entrance after exploring the hamlet, then board a boat for the 7.5 km trip into the cave to the valley beyond.

We continue for around two hours after breakfast, going through a number of Lao Loum local communities and valleys. We can cool off by swimming in the lagoon in front of the cave and having a beachside picnic.

After lunch, we go up to Kong Lor by hour-and-a-half tail boat and then walk 45 minutes to Ban Natan, where we will have a Laotian-style dinner and spend the night in a homestay.